Cirkel Group was established on March 1st 1995 as a food distribution unit. With a history of representing worldwide recognized brands, Cirkel Group has grown into a diverse company with a solid base in Suriname. Cirkel Group’s highly motivated and dedicated employees are the key factor responsible for this successful growth.
In addition, an ongoing commitment to deliver quality products and services, as well as the insight and ability to capitalize on opportunities in an ever-changing and challenging environment has contributed to Cirkel Group’s success.
Annual sales have reached USD 36 million in 2018. With Arun Hindori as President of the Supervisory Board, the Group keeps exploring opportunities for continuous growth.


KFC, the first international Quick Service Restaurant franchise restaurant in Suriname opened in September 1996. This influenced local consumer dining habits substantially, and set the standard for the QSR branch in Suriname.
KFC continues expanding and opened a sixth restaurant in January 2019, which further added to the brand’s presence. Throughout the years KFC has been able to maintain its leadership position in chicken.
KFC Suriname has been able to achieve a top ranked brand builder’s status throughout the Caribbean and Latin America region. KFC owes this success to its dedicated team members and the ability to maintain the standards for delivering freshly prepared food. Presently, KFC Suriname consists of approximately 230 dedicated employees.
KFC continues looking for opportunities for expansion.

Pizza Hut
, adjacent to the second KFC restaurant, was opened in March 1998. Suriname was now able to enjoy freshly made world famous pizzas. Pizza Hut’s reputation for the only quality pizzas in town combined with excellent service, made it a very popular family restaurant. Locally known toppings have been added to the menu to create consumer recognition and excitement. With increasing delivery service, Pizza Hut continues to meet consumer demand.
Within the region, Pizza Hut Suriname is considered to be one of the highest performing restaurants. A second restaurant was opened in the South West of Paramaribo in January 2018.

In October 2000, Cirkel Group proudly expanded its portfolio by being appointed Western Union agent. There are currently nine locations throughout Suriname.
With 100,000 in- and outbound transactions annually, Western Union continues to expand by providing fast, reliable and friendly service to its customers.
Cirkel Group is proud to be member of the Western Union worldwide money transfer system with more than 500,000 offices serving customers in over 200 countries.

Cirkel Direct Sales (CDS)
, Cirkel Group’s main revenue generator, was established in 2001. The operations utilize Cirkel Group’s international network to supply food commodities and grocery items to local wholesalers and retailers. Quality products, high volume, low margins for food commodities and integrated marketing support are the key success factors of this unit. We invest in sustainable partnerships with suppliers of these quality products. Over the years we have established a country wide distribution network, which enables us to offer a customized solution for every brand and product. Our top products include Country Pride frozen chicken leg quarters, Sadia chicken grillers, Bakkers Meel wheat flour, Morjon canned sardines and tuna, Aviko fries, Nissin Top Ramen, Verkade and Sultana cookies, Remia sauces, Maaza juice, Lydia cured beef, Miss Piggy pork tails, Panasonic batteries and Blue Waters spring water.
Starting with 900 TEUs (20 feet equal units) annually, CDS increased its business to 1,600 TEUs presently, which made this business unit one of the leading food commodity and grocery importing companies in Suriname with annual generated revenues of USD 22 million in 2018.

Twin Hotels N.V
. is the franchise entity of the Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo Hotel, of which Arun Hindori owns 61%. The remaining owners are recognized local investment institutions.
In June 2009 this prestigious 140-rooms hotel, located on the Suriname River opened its doors, being the first international concept franchise hotel in Suriname. An experienced Hotel Management Company operates this Courtyard by Marriott hotel and has proven to be able to implement and maintain the highest international Marriott brand standards. This has resulted in Courtyard by Marriott Paramaribo Hotel being the top-ranked business and leisure hotel.

Cirkel Group Nederland N.V.
has obtained the franchise rights of Cinnabon for The Netherlands in 2011. Cinnabon, “World Famous Cinnamon Rolls” is an American concept chain of freshly baked goods. As of today, Cinnabon bakeries are in operation in over 50 countries around the world.
Cirkel Group Nederland has entered the Dutch market in December 2012. Presently, there are Cinnabon bakeries in Rotterdam at Alexandrium Shopping Center, at De Amsterdamse Poort and at Stadshart Zoetermeer.