With your Western Union Gold card, sending or receiving money is easier than ever!
Just present your Card, together with a valid photo identification, at the participating Western Union ®Agent location to swipe it and print out a receipt for you to sign.



The benefits
• Save time when you send or receive money
• Enjoy convenient service with no forms to fill out
• No additional costs to use the Card

Applying for your Western Union® Golden card is easy and it’s free of charge!

Step 1
Complete your details on the application form and return it to your Western Union® participating agent location.

Step 2
After the card is activated*, your card is ready to offer you faster, more convenient service. Simply present your card along with a valid photo identification to your participating agent location when you send or receive money.

Ask for your card today, because you deserve more than just money.

Faster Service
Present your card at the participating Western Union® agent location and your money will be in your hands in minutes. **

Easier Transactions
Save effort, complete your transactions using your card and a valid photo identification, with no forms to fill out at participating agent locations. ***

No Cost
Enjoy the convenience of your Western Union® card. Request your card today. There are no costs attached to it.

Your Western Union Golden® Card. Someone like you deserves a Card like this.

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* See terms and conditions for card activation.
** Subject to the operational hours of the Western Union Agent Location.
*** Some Agent locations are not equipped with “card swipe" or other necessary technology.