Cirkel Group, authorized Western Union agent for Suriname, offers you safety, speed, reliability and service from the world's leading money transfer agency, Western Union. This service is available in more than 200 countries and territories and there are more than 500,000 locations worldwide.

The key factors to Western Union's guaranteed services are:

Western Union has made it very easy for everybody to send and receive money worldwide. No bank accounts are required.
Millions of people find our service to be the most trustworthy. Therefore they rely on us to send money to family- members abroad, tourists in need or to do business.

Since 1871 Western Union has made sure that the money which has been sent through them, reaches the right person. Every year there are millions of transactions worldwide. Each transaction is carefully processed and protected in order for your money to reach the right person in a short amount of time.

The money that you send will be available within 10 minutes. Today's technology allows us to be fast and accurate so that we can reach anybody anywhere.

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Western Union has the largest money transfer network in the world. With more than 200.000 locations in 200 countries and territories and growing, nobody is unreachable. Cirkel Group offers you the Western Union service in 11 locations throughout the country.

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Euro transactions:
Cirkel Western Union locations offer customers the possibility to receive Euros in Suriname. When Euros are sent from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and French Guiana, they can be received in Suriname.
In short, they send you Euros, you receive Euros. Call 422888 for more information.

Quick Pay Info
For commercial purposes Western Union International has created the opportunity to send larger amounts of money at a reduced fee. The sent money will be in the receiving company's bank account within 5 minutes. The company you are sending money to should be registered at Western Union International. Please verify that you have all the necessary information before sending a Quick Pay.
You will need a Company Code from the Company you are sending money to.