Some Interesting Pizza Hut Facts
Pizza Hut's 12,500 restaurants are spread across 88 countries, all 50 U.S. states and employs 250,000 people.
Pizza Hut sells between 11 and 12 million pizzas per day.
This is the largest company-owned restaurant chain in the world.
Pizza Hut uses 3% of all milk production each year for cheese, 250,000 cows producing at fill capacity.

Our History-Mythical and Actual

Two brothers in Wichita, Kansas, Dan & Frank Caney are approached by a family friend about opening a pizzeria.

Armed with $500 borrowed from their mother, the first restaurant is opened in Wichita, Kansas. Occupying a disused building with a slanting "hut" roof, the sign had space for only 8 letters. Dan's wife came up with the word "hut", that was the first Pizza Hut restaurant.

Pizza Hut has grown to 145 restaurants and was in dire need of a head office which was opened in Wichita.

Pizza Hut entered the national market with their first location in Canada.

Pizza Hut listed on the stock exchange.

Pizza Hut opens its 1400th unit.

Super Supreme Pizza was introduced.

Personal Pan Pizza was introduced with a 5 minute lunch guarantee which doubled the lunch crowd.


There are now more Pizza Hut restaurants than hamburger restaurants in the US.

Pizza Hut reaches 4 billion US dollars in sales.

Pizza Hut redesigns boxes to save 275,000 trees per year.

Pizza Hut opens a 9,700 square foot Super Pizza Hut in Mexico City.

Pizza Hut St Maarten is the first location worldwide to introduce the new " Bistro Style".

Pizza Hut opens its first restaurant in Suriname.

Pizza Hut made the fastest delivery in history: 600 large pepperoni pizzas on a 24 hours flight to the US service personnel in Somalia.